Studio Policies

Effective for the 2022/23 school year.


  • Tuition is based on a 36-week schedule running from Sept. 5, 2022 to May 26, 2023. Yearly tuition (which covers 30-minute lessons, lesson prep, travel time and associated costs, borrowed materials, and a spring recital) is $1530, divided into equal monthly payments of $170. Additional family members taking back-to-back lessons may each receive a 25% discount on their individual tuition.
  • Itemized invoices will be e-mailed prior to the first lesson of each month, when payment is due. Any refunds will appear on the next month’s invoice. Payment is accepted via cash, check, Facebook Pay, Paypal, Venmo or Zelle.
  • New music books and other supplies will be provided by the teacher and added to the monthly invoice, with approval.
  • Tuition for summer piano lessons (June through August) is $170 per month (based on a 4-lesson month) or single lessons at $50 each. The total number of lesson opportunities will depend on teacher availability.

Holidays and Cancellations

  • Winter Break: December 19 through December 30. Spring Break: March 29 through April 11. There will be no lessons the week of November 7 through 11, Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 24 and 25), and occasionally as required for travel (advance notice will be given); a discount will apply for affected students.
  • Because lesson scheduling requires advance time commitments, travel, and coordination between the availability of multiple students and families, no refunds or make-up lessons are possible for student cancellations or missed lessons (except in the case of cancellations due to long-term illness that affect 2+ consecutive lessons, for which 24 hours prior notice is given).
  • In the event of missed lessons due to teacher unavailability for any reason, a refund will be given. In the event of unsafe driving conditions, lessons will take place as scheduled but online via zoom.
  • Depending on variations in traffic, in-person lessons may start up to 10 minutes before or after the scheduled start time, but will continue for the full 30 minutes.
  • You may occasionally be asked about your availability on different days/times than originally scheduled. While your flexibility and understanding are greatly appreciated, it is not necessary to change your lesson day/time unless it is convenient for you. If long-term rescheduling is required and a mutually agreeable day/time does not exist, the remaining lessons will be canceled and remaining tuition refunded.


  • The studio piano recital will take place on Thursday, June 1, at 7:30pm in Marysville, WA. Please refer to my e-mail of January 10, 2023 for more details.

Student and Parent Responsibilities

  • At least four weekly practice sessions and progress towards completion of weekly, written goals.
  • Appropriate behavior during lessons.
  • Participation in the yearly studio recital.
  • Parents agree to assist students towards achievement of their weekly practice goals and encourage consistent practice habits.